Phix Doctor sunpowered epoxy / poly ding repair kit

$ 14.99

PhixDoctor’s SunPowered Universal Epoxy/Poly Repair Kit uses Premium, Non-Yellowing and Endless Shelf Life SunPowered resin that sets up fast and nearly showroom perfect

The only universal kit for all boards Epoxy or Poly! When the clear cover sheets are used to contour and magnify the suns effect on this premium resin, jelling starts within 15 seconds in full sun on it’s way to a crystal clear full cure in about 2 to 3 minutes. Endless Shelf Life and Airline freindly, this kit is loaded with everything you'll need to maintain your board in top running condition, and cleans up with soap and water. Our eco-friendly, flex packaging creates 1/26th the carbon of our competitors rigid bottles and the resin shelf life is guaranteed forever!Included with large 4 oz:

* 4 oz SunPowered Universal Epoxy/Polyester Resin * 4 oz Fiberglass
* Q-Cell * 4 Bamboo Applicator Sticks
* Fin Rope * Mix Cups
* Sandpaper 3 grits * 1 Pair of Latex Gloves
* Smoothy Sheets * Easy Instructions in 7 Languages
* Free Universal SunPowered Micro Kit!
* Free Sticker!

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