Creatures Tailgate Pad With Tie Down Strap

$ 25.00 $ 35.99

Tailgate Pad with Tie Down Straps secures board to tailgate of your truck. Can hold up to three boards comfortably.


The Creatures of Leisure Tail Gate and Tie Downs is a simple, cheap solution to transporting your board in the back of a pickup. Easy to put on, and take off, as needed. The pad is also wide enough to fit almost any longboard.

Holds up to  3 surfboards
Tie-on system will secure board to tailgate
Super strong corrosion resistant metal buckles
Black Military grade webbing straps
Durable, cushioned pads that sit between your boards & tailgate
Neoprene sleeves cover buckles to protect board & car and keep from scratching paint
Comes in sturdy, re-usable carry bag

The Tail Gate Pad from Creatures Of Leisure can hold up to 3 surfboards and features a "tie-on" system that secures your boards to the tailgate, super strong metal buckles, and military grade webbing straps. It also features a durable, cushioned pad, neoprene sleeve covers to protect your board and car, and a reusable carry bag.





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