Fcs Fusion Box

$ 7.99

FCS fusion box for repair or your new board

Fusion is the strongest pre-glass system on the market. This was achieved by incorporating a figure eight outline which provides constant curves to prevent the straight line shearing that fibreglass is prone to.

FCS Fusion has proven to be the lightest pre-glass fin system available. Minimising the installed weight of the system ensures the natural balance of the board is never compromised.

FCS Fusion comes available in three different cant angles; 0 degrees, 5 degrees and 9 degrees. Choosing the correct cant angle makes it easy to obtain the desired fin position while adjusting to suit both extreme and subtle bottom contours. This allows for a stronger installation with accurate fin cant angles every time.

FCS Fusion plugs have slightly elongated fin slots. This allows for slight forward and aft fin adjustment for surfers who want to fine-tune the performance of their board.