Fipper Junior Comfort Slap Sandal Green - Pink and Purple

$ 9.99 $ 19.99

Let your little one flaunt style from heel to toe with these series. The stylish colors enhances the appeal of these trendy slippers while the sole is meant to keep their feet at ease all day long.

These dual-layered slippers are perfect for letting you relax and unwind by kicking off your shoes and slipping into these cozy comfortable wide structured slippers.

Upgraded Grade-A rubber comfort insoles with multi layered cushioning. Durable soles let you wear them inside or out. They're sporty, yet oh-so comfortable! fit well for men and women.

Made from Natural rubber , free from Biphenol-A.
* BPA, an endocrine disruptor which can mimic the body's own hormone and may lead to negative health effects especially to fetal and infants.

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