Hydroflex The Mahi Skateboard

$ 230.00


The Mahi is a classic pintail skateboard for the surfy carving feel. Use it as a beach cruiser, or a city commuter. This pintail skateboard features high to medium flexibility which is perfect commuting and cruising. The tail has a slight kick for added maneuverability. The board was designed and tested by our team riders for performance and durability. If u are looking for a board to get around town or head to the beach this pintail is the board for you.

The Mahi features a slight radial concave, that runs through the main part of the deck. For the side profile of the Mahi we added a bit of camber which adds cushion to the ride. Also the deck offers lively and rebound flex which you will notice during turns. The deck literally springs out of the carves. You will like it if you are into snowboarding, or surfing. The deck features an integrated tail and nose blocks that helps against tail ware. The complete comes with Paris Trucks and Divine Wheels.

Size: 38 3/8″ x 8 7/8″
Wheelbase: 28″
Thickness: 1/2″
Tail Rocker: 3/8″
Concave: 1/2″
Camber: 1/2″
Tail: Pintail

Honeycomb design & colors
Decks are waterproof
Flex can be tuned
No torsional flex
Superior responsiveness & pop
Produced in California