Large Phix Dr. Polyester Ding Repair Kit

$ 18.00

Surfboard Ding Repair Kit By Phix Doctor. They use ultra fresh Silmar brand Polyester resin and the highest quality products to bring you a solid repair kit that uses the greenest packaging in the industry.

You get more resin, higher quality ingredients and the satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing to Surf rider Foundation and Surf Aid with every purchase.

Shelf Life Approx 6 – 8 months @ 77 f.

Includes with large 4 oz:
* 4 oz Polyester Resin
* Free Epoxy Micro Kit
* Catalyst
* 4 oz Fiberglass
* Q-Cell
* 4 Bamboo Mix Sticks
* Fin Rope
* Mix Cups
* Sandpaper 3 grits
* 1 Pair of Latex Gloves
* Smoothy Sheets
* Easy Instructions