Realsurf Blue Hawain Print 4 way Stretch Trunks

$ 39.99

Nice Pair of Blue Hawaiian Print Trunks in 4 way stretch...

If you’ve been shopping around for boardshorts, you may have been hearing a lot of talk about stretch. 2-Way Stretch, 4-Way Stretch, 6-Way Stretch? How many ways can one short stretch?! And how much stretch do you really need? Do I need stretch boardshorts? Whatever happened to regular old boardshorts? Well they still exist, and they are made out of a fabric that is 100% Polyester. These shorts are awesome, and often boast a lower price than their stretchy counterparts. But these days, the majority of all the latest boardshorts seem to feature some sort or flexibility or stretch factor. The days of only 100% polyester shorts are long gone. The latest tech features 4-Way Stretch that increases comfort and range of motion. Stretch fabrics are also much lighter than traditional Polyester, giving the sensation that you are surfing, wakeboarding, or swimming with nothing on at all. You might ask, do I really need my shorts to stretch? Well, you don’t know what you’re missing out on until you wear a pair of these heavenly duds.

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