Skimboard Rentals 5 $ a day

$ 5.00

Skimboarding is a fun and relatively easy way to enjoy the beach!

How to Skim: Follow these instructions to the letter and you'll be skimming in no time.
First and foremost: Find an area away from people. Most folks don't understand skimming and they will not move out of your way. It's your responsibility to find an area where you will not hit anyone. Be respectful (even if you're not being respected).

Find a flat area where the waves wash in, then recede, leaving a thin film of water. Standing at the top of this area, walk about a quarter of the way towards the water and stop. This is where you'll learn.

How to Skim
Face the water, then turn so that you're facing parallel to the shoreline. As a general rule, right-footed people should turn to their right, left-footed people should turn to their left. If that doesn't feel comfortable after a couple of tries, switch around so that you're facing the other direction.

Hold the skimboard parallel to the beach, with your throwing hand on the back of the board, and your other hand on the side, supporting the board.

Wait until the water has washed in and receded, leaving just a very thin film (about ? inch is good enough).

Standing still, bend over, lower the board until it's parallel to and about 6' or less above the ground, and scoot it across the film of water, aiming it so it goes parallel to the ocean. (Your throwing hand should provide all of the force, while your other hand acts solely as a guide to keep the board parallel to the beach - kinda like trying to shoot a pool cue cross the room.)

Quickly straighten up and run so that you catch up to the board.

Run onto the board from the back and stop. It doesn't matter if you run onto it front foot first or back foot first, as long as you get on the board one foot at a time. Do not hop onto the board!

Bend your knees and slide, slide, slide.
Once you've mastered this. Try running a few steps before scooting the board out in front of you and running onto it. Next, try running full-blast, dropping the board, and running onto it. Then, try getting onto the board in one step. Do all that and you're ready to turn your attention to riding at the incoming waves.

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