Stay Covered 8' Deluxe Surf Leash

$ 26.50

Great 8 foot  surf leash from Stay Covered, made right here in beautiful Oceanside , Ca, USA ! Literally around the corner from our shop!


- .270 (7mm) USA Made Polyurethane Cord
- Strain Releif USA Made Injection Molded Fittings
- Double 8mm Nickle Plated Brass Swivel
- 1.5” Ankle Cuff
- Durable Marine Grade Velcro
- 4mm Double Wrapped Soft Neoprene Padding
- 1” x 6” Railsaver with Triple Wrap Velcro

Our standard surf leashes are perfect for all levels surfing (from beginner to expert) in small to medium sized waves. It is strong and durable, allowing for performance, strength and comfort. We use a #90 durometer cord to create a slightly softer leash, reducing tangles and creating a perfect blend of stretch and memory retention

Here's a good leash primer from the guys at Stay covered :

Leash Buyers Guide

So I thought I would put out a leash buyers guide. Since I actually manufacture the leashes, and use the leashes here in Oceanside, I would be your best source for information.

When looking for the proper surfboard leash (also known as leg ropes in Australia) you want to consider three factors. First, and most important, is the size of your surfboard. Second is the size and power of waves you are going to be surfing in. Third is your experience level of surfing.

1. The length of your surfboard will determine the length of your leash. The length of your surfboard leash is the length of the cord itself. The actual length of the leash will be about 8” longer due to the length of the rail saver. Lets take for example a 6' leash. The length of the urethane cord will be 6'. When you add in the length of the rail saver and the leash string the actual measured length of the leash will be approximately 6'8”.

Therefore, if you have a 6'6” surfboard you would want to round down to a 6' leash. If you have a 6'10” surfboard you would want to round up to a 7' leash.

2. The second factor when selecting the proper leash, is the size and power of the waves. Stay Covered offers 5 different strengths of leashes (Super light Comp, Competition, Standard, Big Wave and XXL Big Wave. The size and power of the waves determines the strength of the leashes. Please refer to the leash buyers chart.

3. The third factor when determining the proper leash is your experience level of surfing. A beginning surfer will put more wear and tear on a leash than an experienced surfer. Therefor, we only suggest that experienced surfers use the competition and super light comp leashes.

This buyers guide is an example of which leash is proper for each condition. It is not a recommendation to buy a certain leash for each set on conditions. Personal preference can also determine the proper leash. For example, if a surfer likes their board closer to them after they fall, then they might want a shorter leash. If a surfer would like to have their board as far away from them as possible, then they might want a longer leash. .

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