Ding All Suncure Sanding Resin Quart

$ 44.99

This is an absolute must for your repair arsenal.
1 Quart of sanding resin can do a lot of repairs.
One Quart can bring you in over 500.00 profit doing repairs.

SUN CURE® is an ultra violet (UV) light activated polyester resin. This means that until the resin is exposed to UV light, which is emitted by the SUN, the resin will not cure. If the resin is exposed to UV light, it will cure completely in just a few minutes. Because of this characteristic, the benefits for working with Sun Cure resin are many:
Work with resin as long as you need, and then expose to UV light.
Completely cures in just a few minutes.
Build strong laminations in minutes.
Greatly reduces fumes.
Regulate finish hardness with short exposures.
Eliminate resin waste.
Results are the same at any temperature.
No need to mix any hardener.
Take surfboard in water right after cure.

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