About Us


Where did it all begin?
Officially, we are the home of Shawn Ambrose's surfboards, making hundreds of custom hand surfboards, made right in the surf shop.

We are an original surf shop, owned and operated by a surfboard shaper. Shaping actually takes place in the shop which is something not seen in decades.

We are a family owned surf shop - there is only one - not a chain. Shawn, Madison, and Odie Ambrose, along with our Team riders, help out here and there.

You shouldn't be surprised to see the same people that you saw working in our store 3 years ago who still work there today.

Real Surf Shop is not your normal surf shop. We actually like to have fun, we like to surf, and we love the people who walk through our door.

We are the last of a rare breed of surf shops, and, If you ever get a chance to be in beautiful Oceanside, please stop by. You'll be glad you did. You will never forget the little yellow house, the old panel truck, happy dog, and, of course, Shawn, still milling his boards, one at a time behind the view window. Gotta go put the sign out . . . see you soon!

Located at : 1101 S. Coast Hwy Oceanside, Ca. 92054 760-754-0670 Your Friends, "The Ambrose's "