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Big Island Hat

Big Island Hat

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We are currently offering two style of hats A classic frame trucker, and a structured 5 panel snapback 

The Big Island Surfboards logo has got a really fun back story...

Years ago we noticed a trend of Haole dudes starting Hawaiian themed board companies with Hawaiian style model name like Big Moke , Waikiki etc... thinking how silly this was, we decided to start our own Island themed line, Big Island Surfboards. After all, our shaper Shawn Ambrose is a native islander, hailing from St. Johns Newfoundland, he didn't come from away...!  And it's a Big Island!

Well. we've decided to bring Big Island back, first with these stickers and soon, tees, hats, hoodies.  and even some 60's style Logs too! For even more backstory, does the shape look familiar? And Shawn did shape for Dewey Weber Surfboards back in the day...

We Are Currently offering Tees, Hoodies, Hats, and Stickers 

keep an eye out for some 60's style logs coming soon as well inspired by Shawns passion for vintage longboards!

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